My first daylily of the season bloomed on June 1 – this is incredibly early for daylilies, and a definite sign that something’s up with the weather this year.  But it made me happy.  The daylilies in my front yard came from my mom’s garden- she dug them up for me last summer, splitting them from her most healthy bunches, and I planted them at my new home.  Many years ago, her mother did the same for her.

My grandparents were prize-winning daylily growers, and had dozens of rare heirloom varieties.  If you’ve only seen the orange “commoners” that grow like weeds on roadsides, try to imagine them in every color of the rainbow (except blue), with blossoms huge or tiny, ruffly or pointy edges, each flower blooming for just one brief day- they’re really quite beautiful.  But my favorite thing about daylilies, and perennial flowers in general, is that they reproduce clones of themselves underground by rhizome.  One plant becomes a stand of identical plants, which a gardener can then split and replant somewhere else, and then those will replicate and grow and you can split them again – on and on and on… kind of like a good idea, shared from person to person.  They’re small infinity flowers.