Here is an excerpt from this article about our close friend Cynthia, who is changing the world through changing the way people move water.

“The problem hit home for Cynthia Koenig, Umich Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise MBA/MS ’11 , during a William Davidson Institute fellowship in South Africa. Moved by the health and socioeconomic effects of the water crisis, Koenig launched a nonprofit organization (turned social enterprise) to help distribute a locally available water transportation tool. In order to address the issues of poor quality control, corruption, and limited geographic distribution, she soon found herself at the helm of Wello. The social venture manufactures and distributes the WaterWheel, a 20-gallon drum that moves four to five times the amount of water possible using traditional methods of collection and carrying.”

She is the visionary but works with countless others to see her vision come to life.

Check out Wello’s website here: