Guidelines for write-in contributors:

  • Small Infinity stories illustrate change through at least two degrees of separation: A does something, so B does something else, leading to a change for C.  A, B, and C are people, or groups of people… and the chain can certainly be longer than A to B to C.
  • We’ve realized that sometimes people can change YOU and thus just might change how you interact with every person you meet thereafter. You might see the world, yourself, problems, possibilities, differently thereafter. We figure this will probably be the “C” in your story. To capture this kind of change we are writing EPIMA, which is an acronym for Every Person I Met Afterward.
  • The title of the entry should name A, B, and C, separated by the star symbol that is normally found on your “8” key
  • Entries should be 500 words or less.  Include a photo if you can- it makes the site more fun to read.
  • Want to be a write-in contributor?  We think you should!  Submit your first story here, and we’ll be in touch.

Did you hear/read a wonderful small infinity story on NPR, CNN, YouTubes? Send us a link!

Small Infinity Project Privacy Policy: You may post information about yourself and your full name if you wish.  Please do not post sensitive information or the last name of anyone else in your story without their permission.  Consider changing the first name of others in your story, especially if they don’t know you’ve written about them or the story is especially personal.  Small Infinity reserves the right to remove any story and/or contributor.