Here is what we have to offer:  a different perspective.

Maybe you feel like the world’s problems – climate change, social inequities, the paradox of scarcity and overabundance – are too big for you to solve or even make a dent.  We’re not going to argue – our societal problems are often framed in ways that make them seem overwhelmingly hard to solve, and make individuals seem impotent.  We’ve felt that way too, but didn’t find it really helpful or healthy so we are moving on…

Here at The Small Infinity Project, we’re documenting stories of change on the human scale.  Organizations, institutions, communities, and cultures DO change, and they change because individuals act, optimistically and pragmatically, collaboratively and respectfully, with hope and love, in ways that have ripple effects upward and outward.  It’s easy to suspect this is true… we want this collection of stories to prove it.  Will you help?

We’re collecting stories, and contributing a few of our own. (Who are we?)  You’ll see a few categories of posts listed above- here’s what they mean:

  • (Y)our stories: These are stories of individual actions that had unexpected or unintended positive effects on others, on communities, or on organizations.  They are stories of gifts that inspired career changes, jobs that empowered individuals to change their communities, words that inspired actions, and more.  They include at least 2 degrees of separation, and we title them using the names of the people or organizations involved.  These are the stories we’re collecting from you, our readers – do you have one?  Please share it!
  • Stories in Progress: These are stories we’ve noticed budding in our lives that we think have the potential to create some profound change.  We’ll be following these stories, documenting progress and impacts on other people, and watching the metaphorical ripples get bigger and bigger over time.  Are you involved with something that has the potential to profoundly change your community?  Contact us, and make it a Story In Progress.
  • Change Theory – Translated: Here’s where we’ll take a look at the literature in organizational behavior, institutional theory, and individual behavior change.  We’ll sum up what the academic research suggests about how humans operate on this planet, and apply it to your contributed stories.  So if you want to understand exactly how we’re changing the world with this website, follow this category. (YOU are included in that “we”)
  • Books: Your homework/suggested reading.
  • What They Said… : We’ll collect words from prophetic individuals who understood the power of individuals to change the world.