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Hats off to the administration of this school that was open to the idea that students could add value to facilities management. This kind of respect and openness at the top-level of an organization is a key ingredient to change. (In general, it might also be just a good idea to keep doors open to good idea as they can come from anyone.) In the Green Construction class taught by professor Hoffman during winter 2010 we learned that the commitment U of M has made to LEED certification for the Ross building, the in construction law building was also the outcome of student led initiatives. I wonder where else this has happened?

Note: the MSNBC Nightly News series called “Making a Difference” is FILLED with small infinity stories. More will surely come.

To answer the questions above (an interpretation of Daniel Pink’s concepts): It matters if the desired behavior is mechanical or requiring high-level cognitive processing . It matters whether the person whose behavior you’d like to change makes above a threshold range of income. Watch this beautiful video and think twice about the oft tried intervention of incentives to encourage innovation or complex problem solving in organizations

For Small Infinities (self-proclaimed change agents): Perhaps you watch this video and find that it is speaking your truth. “Duh.” You’ll say/think. Of course I am motivated by so much more than money. But isn’t it empowering to think that you are not the only one wired this way? What if you look at people around you as similarly motivated?  How do you create the context that helps them find meaning?

Watch a short video whereby Dr. Frankl applies aviation lessons to our understanding of human nature. Prepare for drift by aiming high.

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